• netty学习笔记 日期:0004年08月12日

    1、在没有任何encoder、decoder的情况下,Netty发送接收数据都是按照ByteBuf的形式,其它形式都是不合法的。 ByteBuf result = (ByteBuf) msg; byte[] data = new byte[result.readableBytes()]; result.readBytes(data); String resultStr = new String(data); // 接收并打印客户端的信息 System.out.println("Client said:" + resultStr); // 释放资源,这行很关键 result.release()

  • Netty+Protobuf编程 日期:0004年06月27日

    版本:java7 netty5 protobuf-java-2.5.0 protobuf 消息定义如下:   Auth.proto option java_package = "com.xinli.netty.protobuf"; package auth; message AuthRequest{ // (1) required string user_id=1; required string password=2; } message AuthResponse{ //(2) required int32 result_code=1; required string r

  • What are the differences between Akka and Netty? 日期:0005年12月24日

            Akka is a concurrency framework built around the notion of actors and composable futures, Akka was inspired by Erlang which was built from the ground up around the Actor paradigm. It would usually be used to replace blocking locks such as synchronized, read write locks and the like with high

  • java - Initializer Error Using Netty 4 with RoboVM

    up vote 1 down vote favorite I am trying to simulate my existing project on ios via robovm. The java project starts running, but quickly encounters a problem with Netty (4.0.25) libraries that I am using. I am using the latest

  • java - How to let netty channel.writeAndFlush() throws Exceptions when no TCP ACK response

    up vote 1 down vote favorite I am developing an IM server with the Netty4 frame. Meanwhile I used the method named channel.writeAndFlush() to send messages to the client. However, when the socket of the client on the mobile phon

  • http - Netty 5 sending JSON POST request

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  • java - How can I run the netty DiscardServer and netty DiscardClient in intelliJ IDEA

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  • netty里集成spring注入jedis 日期:2011年07月31日

    Jedis是官方推荐的连接redius的客户端,之所以没有使用redis的jdbc的原因是: 1) redis的jdbc的set方法有问题,set字符串,但是取出来的却是字符串长度 2)redis的jdbc的性能低并且不稳定,网上有人做测试证明过。 1.准备好需要的jar包   spring.jar            //spring包  netty-3.2.4.Final.jar   // netty库  commons-dbcp.jar    // dbcp数据库连接池  mysql-connector-java-5.1.6.jar // dbcp数据库连接池需要依赖  co

  • 理解Netty中的Zero-copy 日期:0006年04月11日

    Zero-copy概念     wiki上关于zero-copy的概念定义     "Zero-copy" describes computer operations in which the CPU does not perform the task of copying data from one memory area to another. This is frequently used to save CPU cycles and memory bandwidth when transmitting a file over a network.      从

  • netty - Akka cluster behind NAT with Docker

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