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android - How to customize arrow icon, page icon and page title in MasterDetailPage - Xamarin.Forms



I have created a new Blank App (Xamarin.Forms Portable) project in Visual Studio 2015 and modified App.cs to get "hamburger menu":

public class App : Application
    public App()
        var masterPage = new ContentPage()
            Content = new Label { Text = "Hello from Master!"},
            Title = "Master Page"

        var detailPage = new ContentPage()
            Content = new Label { Text = "Hello from Detail!" },
            Title = "Detail Page"

        var mainPage = new MasterDetailPage()
            Master = masterPage,
            Detail = detailPage,
            Title = "Main Page"

        // The root page of your application
        MainPage = mainPage;
    . . .

Everything works fine, but how can I customize these four things:

1) Hide / change Arrow

2) Hide / change Icon

3) Hide / change Title text

4) Hide whole toolbar

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  1. You can change arrow to hamburger icon if you use your DetailPage within NavigationPage:

    Detail = new NavigationPage(detailPage);
  2. To change icon, just change project files:

    • YourProject/Resources/drawable/icon.png
    • YourProject/Resources/drawable-hdpi/icon.png
    • YourProject/Resources/drawable-xhdpi/icon.png
    • YourProject/Resources/drawable-xxhdpi/icon.png

    or on your MasterDetailPage set Icon property to another resource.

    If you want to hide icon - it only applies to Android. It can be solved with custom renderer (

    public class CustomNavigationRenderer : NavigationRenderer
        protected override void OnElementChanged(ElementChangedEventArgs<NavigationPage> e)
            base.OnElementChanged (e);
            var actionBar = ((Activity)Context).ActionBar;
            actionBar.SetIcon (Resource.Color.transparent);

    EDIT: It can also be done in MainActivity.cs:

    ActionBar.SetIcon (new ColorDrawable(Resources.GetColor (Android.Resource.Color.Transparent)));
  3. Just use Title property on Page.

  4. SetHasNavigationBar(page, false);

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