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rebol - How to start the Rebol2 /View console on a server?



I want to run Rebol2 /View on an Ubuntu 14.04 server to be able to load a
 d library (which apparently /Core cannot do).

I have managed to install all the required dependencies, but now I suspect, by default, /View wants to open the Viewtop desktop. The error I get is:

** User Error: Bad face in screen pane!
** Near: size-text self

I suspect what I need to do is start Rebol/View from the command line to go straight into the console, without going into the Viewtop. However, the help for the command line options (at does not offer anything useful.

Any ideas how to start /View so I can go straight into the console?

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1 Answers

You'll need some additional ingredients (next to Rebol 2/View and the basic X dependencies) to make this work:

  • A virtual X framebuffer, such as Xvfb
  • The --noinstall option (short: -i), to prevent Rebol 2/View from trying to install itself
  • The --noviewtop option (short: -v), to start Rebol 2/View in "console-only" mode

Putting these together, you'll get a working Rebol 2 console by running:

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$ xvfb-run rebol-view --noinstall --noviewtop

The details:

Unfortunately, the Linux version of Rebol 2/View requires an X framebuffer even for the console-only mode. However, for console-only usage, Rebol 2/View won't render anything graphically, so you can just use a memory-backed framebuffer, where the output won't ever be shown on a physical screen. And that's just what e.g. Xvfb -- the "X virtual framebuffer" -- was created for.

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answered Jun 30 '14 at 18:08 earl 20k 4 38 50      You may also need to install some specific fonts. apt-get install xfonts-100dpi xfonts-75dpi –  johnk Jun 30 '14 at 23:04


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