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I want to fetch my Gmail Inbox mail by using POP3 commands. I have more than 1000 email in my account. But i can fetch only 255 oldest mail. Help me to fetch new mail from my inbox.

 public double GetEmailCount()
        double count = 0;
        string response = SendCommand("STAT");

        if (IsResponseOk(response))
            string[] arr = response.Substring(4).Split(' ');
            count = Convert.ToDouble(arr[0]);
            count = -1;
        return count;
    } pop3
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asked Aug 8 '14 at 14:39 Harshal Sathawane 36 4


1 Answers

If you are not seeing all of your email listed in your GMail account when using POP3, then you probably need to change your POP3 settings in GMail to show all messages. By default, it doesn't show you all of the messages.

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answered Aug 9 '14 at 13:41 jstedfast 12.5k 1 28 50


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unable to get the mails from the inbox.. below is the code i used for logging in... try { TcpClient tcpclient = new TcpClient(); // create an instance of TcpClient tcpclient.Connect("", 995); //


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